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3 Stone collection with 3 products
3 Stone 3 products    
Circle collection with 4 products
Circle 4 products    
Cluster collection with 8 products
Cluster 8 products    
Crosses collection with 4 products
Crosses 4 products    
Dia by Yard collection with 5 products
Dia by Yard 5 products    
Fluted Bezel collection with 25 products
Fluted Bezel 25 products    
Halo collection with 28 products
Halo 28 products    
Hearts collection with 3 products
Hearts 3 products    
Heptagon collection with 4 products
Heptagon 4 products    
Rosemarque collection with 6 products
Rosemarque 6 products    
Tennis collection with 25 products
Tennis 25 products    
For almost half a century, the NEI Group has been a prime manufacturer of fine jewelry. With a focus on "Made in America," our collection is comprised of classic pieces and elegant styles. We are a direct supplier of loose diamonds and deliver a consistently high quality product.